Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Mothers But Are Not Married To The Father Of The Kid’s

Gone are the days when single parents used to be cliché to the general public yet today is very different. These top Nigerian celebrities have had kids but are not married to their kid’s dads.


Genevieve Nnaji


Genevieve Nnaji was 17 years old when she gave birth to her only child. her daughter’s name is Chimoebuka Nnaji. In an interview, Genevieve revealed that her world came crumbling down on her when she discovered she was pregnant as a teenager, but obviously,she has sailed through it.


Linda Ikeji


Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ekeji became pregnant 2017, Nigerians were shocked to the new because she used to speak against women getting pregnant out of wedlock. She gave birth in September 2018, two days before her birthday.


Lola Rae

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Lola Rae is a Nigerian musician and dancer and a British decent, Lola Rae got knocked down by popular Nigerian singer, Tekno out of wedlock.