Three Cast of 1996 Movie “Domitilla” that are no longer active in Nollywood

The Movie “Domitilla”, was one of the blockbuster movies that reigned in the 90s, It was directed by Veteran Director, Zeb Ejiro. The movie which was produced in 1996, had the storyline of what was happening in our contemporary world at that time.


The movie “Domitilla” tells the story of some young girls who in their quest for survival decided to go into prostitution. Domitilla and her friends are street hawkers, but their lives changed when one of them encountered a Top Politician who later became their sugar daddy. Things became bad for Domitilla as the Politician was found dead in his hotel room after spending a night with her.


It’s been over 25 years since the classic movie was released and not all of the Top cast are still around in the Industry. Some of them have decided to venture into a new line of income. This article will highlight some of the casts that we no longer see on our screens.


1. Sandra Achums

Nollywood Veteran Actress, Sandra Achums played a major role in the Movie. The actress who started her acting career in the 90s played the role of Judith in the movie. The actress no longer features in Nollywood movies because she travelled out of the country to Germany. According to Wikipedia, the Veteran actress left the industry in 2006.


2. Charles Okafor.

Charles Okafor is another Nollywood Veteran Actor that was among the cast of the movie. Charles Okafor played the role of John Alego in the movie. The Veteran actor who is known for acting in money ritual movies in the past no longer appears on screens. According to reports, the actor took a break from acting and decided to focus more on God.


3. Enebeli Elebuwa

Another cast of Domitilla that we won’t see on our screens is Enebeli Elebuwa. And the reason is that he passed away in 2012 after battling health issues.


The actor played the role of Dr Lawson in the movie.