Three African Countries That Are Bigger Than Nigeria

Africa is definitely one of the most populated continents in the entire universe. It is important to point out that Africa is also one of the largest continents in terms of physical size. The British Broadcasting Corporation reports that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a total land area of about 923,768 square kilometers. Below are three African countries that are bigger than Nigeria by physical size.

1. Niger Republic

Niger Republic is very close to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Guardian reports that Nigeria has a border with Niger Republic. The British Broadcasting Corporation reports that the size of Niger Republic is 1,267,000 square kilometers. This means Niger Republic is bigger than Nigeria by size.

2. Chad

Chad is another African country that shares boundaries with Nigeria. The BBC reports that the total landmass of Chad is bigger than Nigeria. The same source reports that the size of Chad is 1,284,000 square kilometers.

3. Sudan

A survey by the BBC also shows that Sudan has a bigger land size than Nigeria. The British Broadcasting Corporation reports that the size of Sudan is 1,854,105 square kilometers.