The popular child singers, “Destiny Kids”, are all grown up now; See their recent photos

The Destined Kids are a group of six siblings who sing Gospel music. The siblings are Favour, Rejoice, Joshua, Best, Caleb, and Wonderful. Born into the family of Pastor Stephen Iwueze and his lovely wife, Love Iwueze. Their family gospel band of 6 rocked our childhood days with their ‘Joy Joy Joy’ melody.


Years later, things have changed for the group. While music is no longer most of their creative expressions, they have all grown into beautiful adults. Most of them are already working hard to build a better future for themselves.

Check out how the 6 Destined kids have grown.


(1) Favour Iwueze


She is the eldest of the destined kids. Favour Iwueze has officially left spinsterhood. The beautiful child star married her sweetheart. She then moved from their family’s house in Imo State to Lagos State, where she currently lives with her husband.


(2) Rejoice Iwueze


Rejoice is the second child and daughter of the Iwueze family. She was born on the 18th of August 1993 in Imo State.

She was the lead singer of ‘Destiny Kids’. Currently, she is still active in music. She also ministers in churches and seminars.


(3) Joshua Iwueze

The talented singer was born on 8th November 1995. Joshua was the first boy in the family.

Growing up, he spent most of his days in Imo, where he attended his primary and secondary schools. According to reports, he still lives with his parents in Imo State.


(4) Best Iwueze

Best is the fourth child and third daughter of a religious family. She was born on the 1st of July 1999. According to reports, she is a free-spirited person who loves social media and singing.


(5) Caleb Iwueze

Caleb is the fifth child in the family. He has already concluded his Secondary school and is currently at university.


(6) Wonderful Iwueze

She was born on 9th June. Wonderful is the last child of the Iwueze family. And currently, she is in a high institution.