‘The Girl Has To Be Arrested’ – Reactions As Singer Ruger Gets Harassed On Stage (VIDEO)

Social media users have called for the arrest of a yet to be identified female fan who reportedly harrassed Ruger s*xually while performing on stage.


Born Michael Adebayo Olayinka was in the mood performing on stage and just when he moved to the edge of the stage, a female fan held and squeezed his manh**d.


The musician who couldn’t see the action coming got furious after staring at her for a while before he proceeded with his performance.

He eventually dropped the mic and exited the stage.




The video which has permeated the airways of the internet has elicited mixed several reactions from netizens with many of them condemning the actions of the female fan. They claimed she deserve an arrest and it was so wrong for her to grab the artist’s manh**d.

Cliqloaded culled some reactions below;


yettysax_ wrote; This is disgusting. The person should have been thrown out of the place or even arrested.?


caromsy wrote; she was eager to eat the banana but she initiated it in a wrong way.. baby you can do better than this. sorry Ruger?‍♂️


onyii__tq had this to say: Nobody wants to talk about it but if it’s tiwa savage everyone will talk about it. Omo men need to be taken more seriously


_de.vion commented: If he had randomly touched a girls breast, or kissed a girl from the audience, it would have sent raves through out the entire internet. Double standards from this female gender