The first female in Nigeria to become the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria

The monetary aspect of Nigeria is something that everyone considers so important. Throughout the history of Nigerian politics, the country have had most of the governors of central bank as males. Luckily for Sarah Alade, she became the first female to assume that office. She was the acting governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria during the suspension of Lamido Sanusi until his tenure ended.

She was appointed to the post by President Goodluck Jonathan and the acting governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria from 20 February 2014 until the appointment of Godwin Emefiele. She has served on the teams on major economic policy studies, and has been involved in the preparation of Central Bank of Nigeria’s monetary and credit policy proposals over the years. She was actively involved in the drafting of the Medium Term Economic Programme. She has been described by many as a competent woman who is always careful in execution of plans without turmoil. During her stay in the office, there was no case filed against her for corruption, embezzlement or stealing of funds.