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“Please Don’t Break My Marriage”- Missing Luggage Causes Fight Between Yomi Casual and Wife, Grace Makun

Yomi Casual’s wife, Grace Makun has cried out on social media over an issue that has put her marriage on the verge of collapse.

Grace Makun, a jewelry entrepreneur revealed that her luggage got mixed up at the airport as she mistakenly left the luggage which apparently belonged to her husband.

Pleading with the public to help save her marriage from crashing, she told whoever took her luggage mistakenly or intentionally to return it.

In a recent post on her Instagram story, Grace Makun reached out to the general public and her fans to help her find the missing luggage because the loss of the luggage has started causing a turmoil in her matrimonial home.

Grace Makun also beckoned officials of the airport to intervene immediately because her marriage is on the line.

She wrote;

“PS; if you are the one that mistakenly or intentionally took my own luggage at the airport, please kindly return it…e jor @delta please I have been waiting for good news about my missing bag, because of this matter my husband af quarrel with me today, make una no break my marriage. I also took the wrong bag, and immediately I noticed the bag wasn’t mine. I contacted the owner, and I went back to the airport to drop it and filled a bag swap form. Unluckily for me, mine wasn’t there either BIKO IF YOU FLEW DELTA FROM ATL-LAGOS ON THURSDAY AND LANDED FRIDAY MORNING. Return my bag. @delta I have valuables in that luggage; please help me”.