PHOTOS: 9 Yoruba Comedy Actors Of The 80s, and 90s

Years ago, before the advent of the likes of Sanyeri, Okele and other comical actors in the industry, we had notable Nigerian comical actors who had been able to make many laugh during the 80s and the 90s of the Yoruba entertainment history.

Although some of the frontrunners in the progression of comical Yoruba movies in Nigeria are dead, many of them are still alive and in this article, we would be talking about a few of these actors who made us laugh in the 80s and 90s with their humorous characters in movies;

1. Baba Suwe

Popular Yoruba actor, Babatunde Omidina also known as Baba Suwe would be the top actor on my list of comical Yoruba actors who made funny and exciting movies in the 80s and 90s. According to research, Baba Suwe has been very active since 1972 alongside the likes of the late Lukuluku Bantashi which shows the actor is one of the frontrunners of comical movies in the Yoruba industry.

To be fair, many would even call him the best because the legend is very good at his craft. But unfortunately We lost him to cold hands of Death November 22nd 2021

2. Dejo Tunfulu;

Kunle Adetokunbo Popularly known as Dejo Tunfulu is one of the most hilarious comical Yoruba actors in Nigeria. The popular actor has featured alongside other established comical actors to make blockbuster comical movies in Nigeria.

Dejo Tunfulu has been active since the 1980s and he is still a little active in the industry. The actor is one of the successful comical actors in the industry.

3. Papi Luwe;

Sunday Omobolanle popularly known as Papi Luwe is a popular comical Yoruba actor who is love for his amazing comical roles in the industry. He is one of the best actors who has featured mostly as a comical actor in lots of Nigerian movies.

The popular comical actor is not that active like he was a few years ago but the talented actor is still alive and hearty. The legend’s talents earned him recognition from the then Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

4. Baba Latin;

Popular Yoruba actor, Bolaji Amusan also known as Baba Latin is one of the famous comical actors in Nigeria who has been thrilling Yoruba movie lovers since the 80s. The popular actor has been active since 1988 and he is still contributing majorly to the Nigeria Yoruba movie industry. He has acted alongside Baba Suwe, Elesho and many other comical actors in Nigeria.

Bolaji Amusan’s talents have earned him high recognition in the Yoruba industry and currently, he is the head of TAMPAN.

5. Elesho;

Adewale Adeoye popularly known as Elesho is one of the popular comical Yoruba actors who has been active since the 80s. The popular comical actor became famous after featuring in a Nollywood blockbuster “Taxi Driver” and has also featured in Baba Suwe’s comedy movie “Larinlodu”.

The Albino Yoruba actor is doing very well but he is not that active again in the industry.

6. Opebe;

Yomi King popularly known as Opebe is one of the popular comical actors who made hilarious roles in movies. The popular actor’s trademark is folding one of his hands and walking in a very funny way that would surely crack people up.

Opebe featured alongside Baba Suwe in many comical Yoruba movies and the actor is still very active.

Great actors, may Almighty God continues to give them strength, health and happiness like they made many during their most active days.

7. Alaran

Mufutau Oladokun who is popularly known as Baba Alaran, was a very funny Yoruba actor. He was a very talented Yoruba actor who is loved by all.

Baba Alaran who is from Oyo State featured in countless movies, before he sadly passed away on the 18th of October in the year 2006 at the age of 46.

8. Lukuluku 

Since 1995, Lukuluku Bantashi has left this world but his work can’t be forgotten forever. One of the unique comic actors with lots of moral message.

We cannot overlook the meritorious and acceptable impacts of Bantashi on the yoruba film comedy scene.

Lukuluku ruled the industry with the likes of Baba suwe, James depe, denjo tunfulu, okondo and the likes that will also be fondly remembered.

Lukuluku Bantashi showcased his talents In movies like Legal wife, Ami orun, itunu and the host of others.

9. Ojoge

Oluwasesan Adio alias Ojoge

Oluwasesan Adio is a Veteran Yoruba comic actor, popularly known as Pa Ojoge. His comic roles in movies made him very popular among Nollywood fans. Ojoge has featured in several English and Yoruba movies.