Only Reason I Love To Travel By Road Is The Stop Over To Buy Food Stuffs – Nollywood Actress Peggy Ovire

Enoho Peggy Ovire has disclosed the main reason why she loves to travel by road.

According to the Nollywood actress, it gives her the opportunity to buy food stuffs which is expensive in Lagos.

In fact, she even shared a photo showing her on hoodie while in the market which was filled with rice, bunches of plantain, tubers of yam, onions, pineapples and so many other food items which can turn Christmas into a major feast.

After shopping, Peggy Ovire found out she had even stocked her car to the brim. She wrote:

“The Only Reason I Love to Travel By Road is the Stop Over to Buy Food stuffs. Everything is expensive in lagos Mchewwwwwww,. My car was filled to the brim with Food Stuffs for Christmas.
Even a Bag of Rice is cheaper .

“Living in Lagos is Hard”.

Peep the post below.

Peggy Ovire Reason To Travel By Road (2) Amebo Book