Nothing Lasts: 40 Nollywood Stars Who Thrilled Us In The Past (Photos)

Over the years, Nollywood has grown to become one of the biggest in Africa. From the old generation of Lilian Bach and Emeka Ike to the new generation of Destiny Etiko and Flash boy, Nollywood seems to be getting better and growing bigger.


Our Nollywood actors and actresses are are now welcomed with open arms in any part of the world.

Well, the Nollywood we are enjoying today did not rise from the ground. Some people especially the early starters, paid huge prices to pave the way for today’s generation. Interestingly while some of these early actors and actresses have continued to thrill us, others have sadly faded away from our screens.


Johnthewriter takes a look at 40 Nollywood stars who thrilled us in the past. To make the post more interesting, I will be mentioning what some of these stars will forever be remembered for.


1. Ann Njemanze

Ann Njemanze became a household name after a brilliant role in Domitila’ and ‘Hit And Run’. She was one of the finest actresss in the late 1990s. Ann Njemanze will forever be remembered for her impeccable beauty.


2. Thelma O’khaz

Just like the Destiny Etiko, Thelma O’khaz is one actresss who was known for being wild in movies. Do you still remember her? Thelma will always be remembered as one the ‘baddest’ actresss in her generation


3. Robert Peters

If you can remember the blockbuster, ‘State of Emergency’, you will know Robert Peters. I still think ‘State of Emergency’ is the best action movie ever in Nollywood.


Robert Peters who was quite famous for his roles in action movies back then is now into movie production. He owns and operate Whitestone Pictures LLC, a film production studio and equipment provider based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Robert Peters will always be remembered as the fearless guy.


4. Hilda Dokubo

Hilda Dakubo answered the call of politics when she was appointed to serve in the cabinet of former Governor Peter Odili in Rivers State. Hilda is one actresss who who will always be remembered for her ability to cry a river.


5. Andy Chukwu

Just like Robert Peters, Andy Chukwu is now into movie production.Andy will always be remembered as the gentleman who always marry a nagging wife.


6. Kenneth Chukwu


7. Maureen Solomon


8. Chidi Ihezie


9. Eucharia-Anunobi


10. Sola Fosudo


11. Maryann Apollo


12. Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey


13. Uche Iwuji

Uche Iwuji is one actresss who will will rememeberd for her ability to seduce any man in movies. She is a gifted actresss.


14. Uche Mac-Auley


15. Barbara Odoh


16. Oby Edozie


17. Grace Amah

Grace Amah was the good girl who always turn bad. Do you miss her?


18. Bob Manuel udokwu


19.Victoria Inyama


20. Fred Amata


21. Sandra Achums


22. Lilian Bach


23. Chiege Alisigwe


24. Nkiru Sylvanus

Queen of crying.

25. Ernest Obi

The perfect gentleman


26. Emeka Ike

The lover boy.


27. Chidi Mokeme


28. Emma Ehumadu aka Labista

Oga kpatakpata of shooting and action movies


29. Hanks Anuku

Legendary Nollywood bad boy


30. Larry Koldsweat

31. Regina aiska


32 . Saint Obi

33. Tony Umez


34. Sam Dede

Action movies guru


35. Caroline Danjuma


36. Steph Nora Okeke 


37. Francis Duru

Romantic actor


38. Florence Onuma

We still call them Nollywood stars but with each passing day, it appears their stars are dimming because we no longer seem them on our screens. Do you miss any of these Nollywood stars?