Nengi recounts 24th birthday experience, how her photoshoot outfits cost N15M

Former beauty queen and reality TV star, Nengi Rebecca Hampson, has reminisced on the experience she had days before her 24th birthday and how her birthday photoshoot cost her tens of millions of Naira.

The model who celebrated her 24th birthday some days back revealed how she had to settle for a late birthday shoot; one which she did not have time to discuss cost with her celebrity stylist, Swanky Jerry.

According to her, it came as a great shock after she discovered that her stylist would be charging her up to N15M.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote,

“Sooo, I woke up reminiscing about my 24th birthday. I still remember how 3 days to my birthday, I hadn’t done a shoot. I wasn’t gonna do one, coz December was such a busy month for me but I knew my loves would be so heartbroken.

I hit Swanky up last minute and told him we need to put something together. Baba said him he no dey do styling for now o but based on say na Nengi, e go run am. So we shared ideas, didn’t bother discussing the price with him.

Shoot day sha came, we started shooting by 5pm. First time in my life I would start a shoot that late. At that point I was going crazy .. everything was sooo impromptu, everyone was under so much pressure. Then I saw my fits and lemme tell you something, I was astonished.

They were exactly what I had imagined. That was all the ginger I needed. I sha asked my Swanky what the bill was.. I thought I’d hear 5m or sumn.. then I heard 35k.. I’m sure I must’ve stammered a little bit when I said 35k what.. baba said USD.”