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He Dumped Me For Another Nigerian – Korra Obidi Reacts After Husband Went On A Date With A Black Lady

Popular dancer, Korra Obidi has for the umpteenth time shared insights into what caused the crash of her marriage.

You would recall that after a contentious split from Korra Obidi his wife, Justin Dean unveiled the new woman who has captured his life and supposedly going to spend the rest of his life with despite having two children with his estranged wife life.

Justin Dean introduced the dark-skinned woman as his new girlfriend and also shared some moments from her date with Tokunbo Daniel.

Reacting to the rumors, Korra Obidi accused her ex-husband of cheating on her with another Nigerian like herself.

The dancer urged those who had been bombarding her DM with unfavorable remarks to move on just like how Justin Dean had moved on with his life because they are never coming back as husband and wife.

She wrote:

‘Justin don’t want this street hawker.. but guess what the next woman he got was still black…all the racist comments I have been getting, when they caught him with the next person what complexion was she, she was still melanin poppin, she was still what? a Nigerian…he likes what he likes, I like what I like, …so live and lets live.’