Checkout 6 Popular Beautiful Reality TV Stars Who Have Served Us Fashion Goals Several Times (Photos)

The entertainment industry has a lot of fashionistas, who have not just entertained us over the years, but also serve as fashion inspirations to us. These stars have rocked some stunning and trendy outfits other the years, and I’m sure most people have taken their pictures to their tailors to make something similar to what they’ve worn.

Let’s have a look at these 6 popular Reality TV stars who have served us fashion goals several times:


The first person on our list is Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is a popular American reality TV star and a business woman. The 42 years old even has her own clothing (name withheld and is such a fashionista. She has rocked stunning outfits to several events over the years, which has made her trend.

An example is when she rocked an all black outfit to the 2021 Met Gala. The outfit was unexpected, but that’s what’s being a fashionista is all about.


Chioma is one of the female celebrities who have been serving us fashion goals over the years. ‘ The Real House Wives Of Lagos’ star has rocked several fashion pieces from both Nigerian fashion brands, and international fashion brands over the years. She has an exquisite taste in fashion, and her birthday photoshoot this year proves that.


Erica Nlewedim is one of the female reality TV stars who never ceases to amaze us with her stunning looks. The 28 years old BBNaija star has rocked several fashion pieces, and has even modeled for some luxury Nigerian fashion brands.


Mercy Eke is one lady who never fails to thrill us with us with her nice fashion wears. The BBNaija season 4 winner, even owns a clothing brand(name withheld), and whenever she steps out, all eyes are on her. These two gorgeous outfits above, is what she wore for her 27th and 28th birthday parties respectively.


Kylie Jenner is one of the popular female reality TV stars celebrities we have in the entertainment industry. She has served us several fashion goals over the years and always shares it on her Instagram page with over 300 million followers. These pictures above are the two gorgeous outfits she wore to the 2019(left) and 2017(right) Met Gala.


The last on our list is Nengi Hampson. The Nigerian reality TV star is one of the female celebrities who always makes fashion lists. She rocks fashionable outfits from top brands, and has served us fashion goals always. She always becomes a cynosure of attention in any event she attends due to her nice fashion sense.