Check Out How These Actresses Look Alongside Their Husbands After Giving Birth To Four Children

Some people believe that giving birth will eventually make one to become older but there are some ladies who look even younger than how they were before they give birth to a child. However, I hereby present you how below 3 actresses look alongside with their partners after they have given birth to babies not less or more than 4.


The Nollywood veteran actress, singer and philanthropist got married to her pilot husband, Matthew Ekehinde 25 years ago as they tied the knot in year 1996. The marriage is still intact and blessed with four children. Check out below how the duo look before and after given birth to their 4 children.

MERCY JOHNSON (10 Years Old Marriage)

The marriage of the popular film maker, Mercy Johnson with Prince Odianosen Okojie has also produced 4 children – three daughters and a son. Photos of Mercy Johnson and her Husband before and after given birth to their children below:

CHACHA EKE (8 Years Old Marriage)

The 8 years old Marriage of famous actress, Chacha Eke Faani is not left out from our list as it has also produced children not less than four and the couples still look good and gorgeous as at now. Check out their photos below;