‘Brain reset needed’ Fans mock Femi Adebayo after receiving hot ‘slap’ from his wife over interest in taking second wife

Some Nollywood stars and fans insulted actor Femi Adebayo. After receiving heated slaps from his wife for exhibiting interest in taking another wife,

Femi Adebayo was seen dancing in enthusiasm and going toward the option of two wives in a humorous TikTok video uploaded on his Instagram page.

Femi Adebayo’s wife, who disliked the concept of polygamy, slapped him, which many of his followers and colleagues joked would help reset his brain.

Femi Adebayo swore in the captions of the amusing video that he would never consider taking a second wife.

He wrote: I promise I’ll never give this a second thought….

As expected, some of his colleagues and fans mock him while appreciating Femi Adebayo’s wife for doing the needful.

olayinkasolomon01 wrote: mummy next time Double slap

teegate_beauty wrote: Brain reset NECESSARY

partytwizzlers wrote: The slap is to reset your membrane just in case you’ve forgotten that polygamy is not an option

glitterstouch_makeovers wrote: thank you Aduke as u help me slap am