7 Popular Celebrities Whose Wives Are Older Than Them (Photos)

Age is an irrelevant factor when one seeks true love, some couples are happily married regardless of their age difference and our celebrities are no exception. In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 celebrities whose wives are older than them, celebrities who are happily married.

1. Jason Momoa

The American movie star Jason Momoa who is 42 years old has been happily married to a 53 years old American actress named Lisa Bonet. Jason and Lisa have long been engaged, and they were blessed with two kids before their marriage in 2017.

2. Gerard Pique

The Barcelona defender who is 34 years old has been happily married to the legendary musician Shakira since 2011. Shakira who is 44-year-old has been with pique for 10 years now, together they have two beautiful sons named Milan and Sasha.

3. Nick Jonas

The American singer Nick Jonas who is 28 years old has been happily married to the 39 years old Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. They wedded in 2018 in both Christian and traditional Hindu ceremonies.

4. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The 31 years old English actor Aaron Taylor is married to his 54-year-old wife Sam Taylor- Johnson since 2012. The two lovebirds have been happily married with kids for 9 years now.

5. MC Fish

MC Fish who is reportedly 28 years old is happily married to the 36 years old Nigerian actress Anita Joseph.

6. Ryan Gosling

The 40 years old Canadian actor Ryan Gosling has been happily married to the 47 years old renowned American actress named Eva Mendes since 2011. Their union is blessed with two kids.

7. Mr P

The 39-years-old Nigerian artist Mr P has been happily married to his 47 years old wife Titilola Loretta Omotayo for more than 7 years now. Together they have two beautiful kids, a son Cameron and daughter Aliona.