6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Bought Exotic Houses In The United States

It is a good thing to show off what you acquired through hard work and I am sure that Nigerian celebrities do this too. They do show off their expensive houses and exotic cars which proves they are wealthy.


Today, I show you some of our celebrities who have houses in the US and you really need to see how gorgeous the houses are. Let’s take a look at them below:


1. Peter Okoye’s House :


Peter Okoye is a Nigerian musician who owns an exotic house in the United States. The Superstar bought the house in San Francisco, United States in 2013. The house is gorgeous and should serve as motivation to upcoming musicians to work harder towards their dreams.


2. Paul Okoye :


This is the brother of Peter Okoye who is also a Nigerian musician and has a house in the United States of America. His mansion is located in Georgia, Atlanta. He bought the house in 2015 not quite long after his brother got his own house in 2013. The house is very attractive.


3. Davido :


Davido is one of the popular musicians in Nigeria who bought expensive houses in the United States. Davido loves to flaunt his expensive lifestyle by taking pictures in exotic cars, private jets and with other luxuries. The singer acquired his retro-styled house in Atlanta, United States. The house looks very classic and must be expensive.


4. Wizkid :


Wizkid who is always looking young and fresh is one of the Nigerian superstars who also acquired an exotic house in the United States. The Nigerian singer who recently changed his name to BigWiz bought the expensive house in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.



5. Williams Uchemba :

Williams Uchemba is one of the best actors in the Nollywood film industry and also owns a house in the United States. He has a unique taste for fashion and is also very handsome. The actor acquired a new house in Los Angeles, California in the United States.



6. Georgiana Onuoha :


This popular Nollywood actress became a home owner in the United States of America last year. She announced on the social media when she acquired the house at Sacramento in the US. She happens to be one of the very few female celebrities in Nigeria to own a house in the United States.