5 Nollywood Stars From The 90s Who Have Made A Comeback Into The Entertainment Industry

There are some Nollywood Stars from the 90s who quit Acting for sometime but have recently made a comeback into the Entertainment Industry. We will be looking at three of these Actors in this article.

Saint Obi

Veteran Actor, Saint Obi is among the Actors who left the Acting Scene for sometime, the Actor who was very famous in the 90s took a break from Acting few years ago but at the moment, he has returned to the Entertainment Industry. According to Vanguard, the Actor returned to the industry as a Singer. He also stated that he was a Singer before he started his Acting Career.

Steph-Nora Okere

Veteran Actress, Steph Nora starred in several Movies before she quit Acting few years ago. At the moment, the Actress has returned to the Industry and she had starred in some recent Movies. During an Interview, the Actress stated that she has been working behind the scene as a Movie Producer. She also stated that she is back in the Industry but she is concentrating on Soap Operas.

Nkiru Sylvanus

Veteran Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus who is popularly referred to as Ble-ble is one of the Actresses who thrilled us in the 90s. The Actress quit Acting for sometime and she ventured into Politics but at the moment she is back in the Industry and she has featured in recent Movies. The Actress has also ventured into the Musical Industry and she has released several Gospel Songs.

Chidi Ihezie Okafor

Chidi Ihezie appeared in films in the early 1990s alongside Saint Obi, Lilian Bach, and Charles Okafor, all of whom have since left Nollywood. Chidi has been out of the spotlight for a few years, but she has recently resurfaced.

Thelma Omone O’khaz

During the 1990s, Thelma Omone O’kaz was one of Nollywood’s most well-known bad girl actresses. She was a delight to watch, yet she disappeared completely from the movie industry for years.

Thelma is making headlines in Nollywood again, this time starring alongside big names. One intriguing aspect of Thelma is that her acting ability has vastly increased, and she now plays motherly roles.