5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Used to Be Bus Conductors and their Stories

Nobody knows what the future holds. It’s so interesting to see how life goes and how people end up with the people they end up with, with the jobs they end up with, or how life simply turns for a lot of people.

On today’s list, we’ll be looking at 5 Nigerian celebrities who saw their luck completely turn around. For all 5 of these men, they started out as bus conductors but are now celebrated as some of Nigeria’s biggest stars.

Here are 6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Used to be Bus Conductors.

1. Alibaba

In an interview with Channels Television, ace Nigerian comedian Alibaba revealed that he once upon a time used to be a bus conductor in Delta State. Alibaba said:

I have been a bus conductor before, from Ramah park back to Ogbaazu (in Delta State).

2. Jude Okoye

Posting a Monday Motivation to his Instagram, producer and manager Jude Okoye wrote about his first time coming to Lagos saying:

DID YOU KNOW….? My first 4 nights in Lagos in 1995 was spent under ijora bridge stranded cos of music hustle. Had to do conductor work route ijora – jibowu everyday to survive. #mondaymotivation

3. Gabriel Eziashi

Gospel singer Gabriel Eziashi popular for composing songs like Aka ya Aka yaMy Praise, and others revealed that earlier in his life, he too used to be a conductor. Gabriel shared the information during a press conference at Eko Hotels where he said:

I remember being a bud conductor somewhere around here 16years ago and one day I couldn’t take the suffering anymore and so I walked into an incoming vehicle, but the driver was quick enough to stop. The driver simple said to me “if you want to die go to Jesus”. This marked the turning point for me

4. Joseph Benjamin

Star Nigerian actor Joseph Benjamin during an interview with Wana Udobang on Inspiration FM’s show ‘Talk About It’ opened up about his career journey. Joseph said about it:

I’ve moved from being a bus conductor, security guard, waiter, worked in a Bakery, sold shoes at Balogun; then moved into IT before acting.

5. Small Doctor

During an episode of Rubbin Minds on Channels Television, Penalty singer Small Doctor opened up about his long time as a bus conductor saying:

I was a conductor for years, almost a decade. From Agege to Ikeja, Ikeja to Maryland, Maryland to Yaba. I shuttled that place for like three to four years. I moved to Oshodi to Mushin under bridge. So it was from Oshodi to Mushin, Mushin to Oshodi I spent like six to seven years.

Small Doctor during his conducting days

5. Tunde Owokoniran

Babatunde Owokoniran popularly known as Tunde Tilapia is a native of Ogun state but he spends most of life in Lagos. He attended New Mainland Children School and the Ilupeju College. He was born into a polygamous family. Everything seemed fine until he lost his mother. As a result, his father couldn’t afford to send him to school anymore and this led to a pause in his educational career. Tunde dropped out of school and he decided to look for a way to earn a living. After searching for a long time, he decided to join the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Ojuelegba. However, this was not his choice but Tunde started off as a bus conductor. Just like most conductors, Tunde could only afford managed to feed and clothe himself. He couldn’t afford to rent an apartment he would sleep under a bridge or inside the bus. Few months into the job, he had a heated argument with his driver and this led to him calling it a quit.

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Now all six of these men are some of the biggest Nigerian celebrities in their respective fields. Look at what can happen if you just keep going. Wow!

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