4 Popular Yoruba Veterans Who Relocated To America And How They Have Transformed (photos)


In the 90s, the Yoruba movie industry was blessed with amazing talents that rule the industry making amazing and high-class movies. While many of these veteran actors are still alive and in Nigeria, some of them decided to look for greener pastures in a faraway land.

In this article, we would be talking about 4 popular Yoruba veterans who acted in the 90s but have relocated to America for greener pastures;

  1. Wale Adebayo

Popular Yoruba veteran, Wale Adebayo is popularly known as Sango Original is one of the actors who made the 90s exciting with great movies. Wale Adebayo became popular after playing the lead actor in the Yoruba movie titled “Sango”.

However, despite the fame, Wale Adebayo left Nigeria for America. According to news reported by Punch, Wale Adebayo revealed that he never wanted to leave Nigeria for the USA but the situation of the country made him left Nigeria to take care of his family.

Some recent photos;

The actor is doing great in America with his wife and children. He continues as an actor in the state featuring in Yoruba speaking and English speaking movies in America.

  1. Solomon Majekodunmi;

Popular Veteran Yoruba actor, Solomon Majekodunmi also known as Baba Kekere is one of the popular Yoruba actors who made amazing movies in the late 90s. The veteran was married to another veteran, late Toyin Majekodunmi who died on the 2nd of January, 2017.

According to research, the actor left the shores of Nigeria in 2017 relocating to the United States of America with his second wife and children. The handsome Nigerian actor is living very well in the United States with his family and also acted in some movies produced over there.

  1. Rasaq Ajao;

Popular Yoruba veteran, Rasaq Ajao popularly known as Pefuele is one of the 90s veteran actors and a constant figure on the Nigeria TV screen before relocating to America years ago.

According to research, Rasaq Ajao left Nigeria has left Nigeria in 2002 and has been living in America since then but always joggles between Nigeria and America.

Some recent photos;

According to research on his Instagram page, the veteran is a Nurse and he is still active in the industry as he sometimes comes home to Nigeria to shoot movies.

  1. Bayo Bankole;

Popular Yoruba actor, Bayo Bankole mostly known as Boy Alinco is one of the famous Nigerian actors during his active years in the industry. Alinco acted in movies like Owo blow, Eda and the popular sitcom movie “Papa Ajasco”.

However, Bayo Bankole suddenly relocated from Nigeria to America and has been there for years now. Bayo Bankole is leaving a great life in America with his family and friends.

Some recent photos;

According to his Instagram bio, Bayo Bankole is still an actor and has featured in some movies aired in America. He is also a Master of ceremony and an event manager in America.