4 Big Brother Housemates Who Became Mothers After The Show

Everything in this life has it’s stages. Obi will not always be a boy and Ada will not always be a girl. A boy will one day become a father and a girl will one day become a mother. We all have different challenges in this life to face and the more we face them head-on, the more mature and exposed we become.

The big brother reality show is one huge platform that has established a lot of young Nigerian men and women. After the show some of these women in particular didn’t only grow financially but they also became mothers.

While we have some Housemates who went into the big brother house as mothers, our main focus in this article is on those who became mothers after they left the house.

Below are the 4 big brother Housemates who became mothers after the show

1) BamBam

This big brother star got married to her fellow housemate in the same season, TeddyA and they went on to raise their own lovely family. BamBam is the proud mother to a loving daughter.

2) Nina Ivy

She was part of the “Double Wahala” season and she got married months after the show and eventually had a baby too. She’s the proud mother to an adorable son.

3) T-Boss

T-Boss is a single mother and she is very proud and unapologetic about it. She loves her baby girl with her heart and is determined to fulfil her motherly roles in her life.

Amongst all 4 of them, T-Boss is the one who has shared a lot of beautiful pictures with her child on social media. They have so much cute moments together.

Check more photos of T-Boss and daughter

4) Gifty Powers

This big brother Housemate doesn’t just have one child but two and she also another happy mother to her kids.