3 Popular Reality TV Stars Mr Macaroni Has Used In His Skits Before, And The Roles They Played In It

Mr Macaroni is one of the popular faces we have in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The superstar is being recognized by a lot of people due to the high amount of comedy skits he has released and his hard work as well.

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Let’s have a look at these two popular reality TV stars Mr. Macaroni has been able to use for his comedy skits before, and the roles they played in it.

1) Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor is a popular Nigerian reality star and entrepreneur. The superstar is the first runner up of BBN season 5 which held back in 2020. She was featured in one of Mr. Macaroni’s comedy skit which was released back in February this year.

In the comedy skit, Dorathy played the role of a Doctor who attended to Mr. Macaroni, and as a result of her beauty, Mr. Macaroni made his sickness look much more serious, so as to stay longer in the hospital, and get more opportunity to see the beautiful doctor(Dorathy).

2) Erica Nlewedim

Erica Nlewedim is a Nigerian actress and reality TV star. Just like Dorathy, Erica contested in BBNaija season 5, and has been featured in Mr. Macaroni’s comedy skit before.

Erica played the role of a lady Mr. Macaroni tried asking out. In the comedy skit, Mr. Macaroni makes a bank transfer of 5 million Naira to Erica’s bank account. Erica played a smart one on him, and made away with the money.

3) Laycon

Nigerian rapper and current BBNaija winner, Laycon has featured in a new skit with Mr Macaroni and veteran actor, Sola Sobowale.

In the new skit, Laycon played the role of Mr Macaroni‘s prospective son-in-law and Sola Sobowale‘s son. The video was shared via YouTube on Sunday, the 15th of August 2021.

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Mr Macaroni, Laycon and Sola Sobowale

The skit starts with Mr Macaroni being accosted by Remote (the pastor) who tells him that his extended family are behind his daughter’s inability to marry. Remote tells him to invite all of them to his daughter’s introduction to rub it in their faces. It was later established that Laycon was the intended groom for Mr Macaroni’s daughter, Motunde. At the introduction ceremony, Sola Sobowale shows up as the rapper’s mother and is apparently known to Mr Macaroni himself.